Our History


New Hope is a young church- very young. However, our heritage is old-very old. Before 1850 the Christians in this corner of Westmorland County worshipped together in homes and, from time to time, travelled to Salisbury to attend “services of divine worship” in the Salisbury Baptist Church.

The first church in our area was in Steeves Mountain where a building was built in 1858 to serve three denominations of the area –Methodists, Regular Baptists and Free Baptists. The two Baptist denominations continued to grow until they united on Jan. 17, 1906 to become the Steeves Mountain United Baptist Church with a membership of one hundred, seventy.  In 1922 forty-three Baptists in the area organized the Berry Mills United Baptist Church. These came from Salisbury, Mount Eagle and a large number from Steeves Mountain, including the entire Board of Deacons.

It was in 2014 that merger talks began as the two churches recognized that together more could be accomplished for the Kingdom.  The renewed vision of reaching the community with the Gospel included a commitment to building a new facility which would be both accessible to seniors and attractive to families.

The merger was accomplished on March 11, 2015, after which the new congregation named this new venture NEW HOPE COMMUNITY CHURCH.


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