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Thanks for stopping by our website. My name is Brock Symonds. I am new to the church but very familiar and excited about this church’s journey to this point in history!

Two churches have joined together in a venture that is truly endorsed by God. The passion and vision to see a vibrant living church on the mountain is united and bold! In just a few months we will be building a new church that will house our expanding heart and vision for serving our community, our province, our country and our world. Loving one another is the plan, to be the heart and body of Christ here for others.

We would love for you to be part of this exciting venture! How about joining up on the ground floor of this new and exciting journey?

The plan over the next year is to build a building that will not just serve our needs but the community’s needs. We also plan on building the body of Christ here to be what we need to be for the people that we will ultimately serve!

Maybe you are looking for an adventure. Maybe you are looking to start something new! Maybe you are looking for a place to meet a new friend, raise a family, be part of a loving group of people. New Hope is ready to love and serve along side of you!

Please take the time to go to each area of the website as we add to it in the next weeks and months and discover why it is evident that God has planned a great future for the New Hope family. It would be an honor to have you join us for worship in our temporary home at 47331 Homestead Road (at the top of Lower Mountain Road).

Serving you with the love of Jesus,

Pastor Brock Symonds

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