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September 23rd Covid Update
***Updated 2pm to reflect new Provincial directives***
Covid Update – September 24th 2021
Good afternoon NewHopers,
There will be no proof of vaccination to enter into Sunday worship. That being said we will be taking precautions so that we all feel comfortable gathering safely as covid cases rise.
There should be no doubt that this 4th wave of Covid is the worst yet. The Delta variant is more contagious, more dangerous, is spread through the air and touch, and and is much more likely to lead to hospitalizations for those with only one shot or no shots at all. Our freedom of worship does come with responsibility and we would like to exercise our right and also exercise our responsibilities as Christ followers. It is in light of these facts and also guidance from the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Baptist Churches and the Province of NB we are taking the following measures Sunday morning:
masking is mandatory unless medical exemption
sanctuary capacity at 90 person (50%)
social distancing 2m between different households
hand sanitizing upon entry
registering at the door
no congregational singing
The Province has given us a choice on how to safely gather this weekend. But after carefully considering both options we feel option two would be the least intrusive and most accommodating of our congregation and visitors to the church.It is our hope that in following these protective measures we are loving and caring for one another and also serving the greater good of our community and country.
Here are the two choices presented to us (again we have chosen the 2nd option):
#1 Proof of Vaccination (upon entry to the church)
Should your place of worship require all participants to:
Show full proof of vaccination
You must wear a mask at all times
Social distancing is not required
No capacity issue
Singing while masked is permitted.
#2 No Proof of Vaccination (upon entry to the church)
Should your place of worship forego full proof of vaccination you must ensure:
Everyone masked at all times
Operate at 50% or less capacity (New Hope’s 50% is 90 persons)
Maintain two metres of physical distancing between different households.
No congregational singing
Record names of all attendees and contact information by row or have a consistent assigned seating plan for contact tracing
Prevent anyone displaying COVID-19 symptoms or who has been instructed to self-isolate from entering.

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We are building this for you! New Hope Community and Ministry Centre is being built because we care about our community and want you to have a place in the Greater Homestead Area where you can find and celebrate community. We are placing the New Hope Community Church in this building to have a place where we can all explore the Christian faith to grow in our faith in Jesus no matter our backgrounds.

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